The Group remains, committed to workplace diversity and this can be seen in our practices which do not discriminate stakeholders on account of race, age, gender and minorities. These practices are grounded in our belief that basic human rights and good corporate governance will improve the quality of life of our stakeholders.

Training and Leadership Development

Employees have always been the Group's greatest assets and we place great emphasis on developing our human capital as it plays a critical role in our future growth and sustainability of the Group's operations. We continue to implement our training and human development programme to align with the training needs for all levels of employees.

The Group continues to have orientation and Induction Training Programme for newly recruited employees. Motivational programmes are also conducted for employees within the Group. Field trips are organized to cater for various levels of employees to acquire hands-on and on-the-job training.

Internship, Apprenticeships and Placements

The Group has continuously engaged with higher learning institutions of taking part in their activities such as career fairs, exhibitions and engaged in recruitment drive to attract graduates with good leadership caliber to fill various job vacancies in line with its succession plans.

Practical training and internship are provided to facilitate the selection of suitable candidate to join the Group upon completions of their degree programme.

Health and Safety at Work

The Group is committed to ensure that all employees work in a safe and healthy environment. The Occupational, Safety and Health Policy ("OSH") is communicated to all employees and is made available to any interested parties. The OSH's committee at HQ is always ensuring that OSH standards are applied across all operating outlets and consistency is guided. Annual audits are also undertaken to check on the compliance and adherence to the OSH policy that have been established through the years.