In embracing the spirit of Ramadan, Pacific in collaboration with Nestlé Product Sdn. Bhd. treated 60 students and teachers from Sekolah Kebangsaan Peremba, and Sekolah Kebangsaan Dato’ Wan Mohamad Saman to a buka puasa feast. Group’s Ambassador, Adibah Noor has presented at the dinner and join break fast with these students.

Joyful Treats: All students enjoy a berbuka puasa meal with Adibah Noor.

Among the important guest who are attending the berbuka puasa dinner including Key Account Manager, Modern Trade Sales Division, Northern 1, Nestlé Products Sdn. Bhd., Tengku Zahidi, Executive Director of Pacific Hypermarket & Departmental Store, Mr. Charlie Tan Mong Chon; and Assistant General Manager of Pacific Hypermarket & Departmental Store, Alor Setar branch, Ms. Wong Choay Leng and others invited guest which provided the students with a memorable experience of celebrating the joy of Ramadan.

Weaving Joyous Raya: Students from Sekolah Kebangsaan Peremba, and Sekolah Kebangsaan Dato’ Wan Mohamad Saman have a joyous Ramadan with the VIPs
Received Goodies Bag : Students received goodies bag and Raya Packet from VIPs.

Besides, Charlie Tan takes opportunity to congratulate Adibah Noor who just being awarded “Most Trusted Entertainer“ from Reader’s Digest Asia Pacific. The evening end with the handing out Paket Raya and special goodies by invited guest to all the students. A video play special dedication from The Store Group with theme “Beramal Bersama Ceria Dikongsi“ to bring a memorable joy of Ramadan.

Delighted to host: The Majlis Berbuka Puasa event was hosted by (From left) Wong Choay Leng, Adibah Noor, Charlie Tan, Tengku Zahidi; Chong Yee Poh (Behind left) and Lee Ban Sin.

The Store Group has appreciate Nestlé Product Sdn. Bhd passionate contributions towards this memorable and joyous dinner.