Receive Raya Packet: Charlie Tan (Left) and Adibah Noor giving raya packet to the kids.


The Store Group Ambassador, Adibah Noor spent time with 50 orphans to a sumptuous Berbuka Puasa dinner in this holy month of Ramadan.

The Buka Puasa event was organized by Pacific Hypermarket and Departmental Store and KB Mall, in collaboration with Coca-Cola Company. Total of 55 orphans and teachers from Pusat Pendidikan Agama dan Penjagaan Anak Yatim & Fakir Miskin were treated to a scrumptious ‘Berbuka Puasa’ with neatly dressed in traditional wear, they mingled cheerfully while enjoying the spread of mouth-watering dishes.

Present at the event were National Commercial Execution Manager, Coca-cola Company, Mr. Tonny Leong; Executive Director of Pacific Hypermarket & Departmental Store, Mr. Charlie Tan Mong Chon; and Assistant Senior Manager of Pacific Hypermarket & Departmental Store, KB branch, Mr. Steven Chew Chin Kheong and Manager of KB Mall Complex, Mr. Vincent Khor Siak Seng.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Charlie Tan said total of 5 malls of The Store Group conducted ‘Berbuka Puasa’ events for this year, namely KB Mall, Alor Star Mall, M3 Mall, BP Mall and Taiping Mall.

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1 KB Mall (Kelantan) 29 May 2017
2 Alor Star Mall (Kedah) 5 June 2017
3 M3 Mall (Kuala Lumpur) 8 June 2017
4 Batu Pahat Mall (Johor) 16 June 2017
5 Taiping Mall (Perak) 20 June 2017

Pacific, KB Mall is the 1st session of ‘Berbuka Puasa’ event conducted. The Store Group had joint hands with Coca-Cola and KB Mall to organize this festive contribution, hopefully it would brings joy to all the students on this harmonies Ramadan.

“We hope this event will cheerish the unfortunate children and embrace the Ramadan month in joyous mood”, said Mr. Charlie Tan.

Distribute Goodies Bag: Mark Loo (Left) and Tonny Leong distributing goodies bag to orphans.

Besides, all orphans had a great time as they tucked into a sumptuous dinner and each of them was presented with Hari Raya Goodies Bag and Raya Packet to spread the spirit of giving during this Ramadan month. The breaking fast comes to happening when orphans being invited to weave ketupat and complete the task hosted by Adibah Noor.

Group photo: A group photo with Pusat Pendidikan Agama dan Penjagaan Anak Yatim & Fakir Miskin children.

Pacific Hypermarket & Departmental Store and KB Mall thanked Coca-Cola Company as a main sponsor of this event and for its generous support in making the meaningful event succesful. Hopefully this will be a continuous collaboration in the future to bring more happiness, cheers and laughter to those in need by organizing more community outreach events and activities.

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