As the country enters recovery mode after 3 months of strict curbs on movement. This 24th June is school reopening for students who are taking SVM, STPM, SPM, STAM and equivalent international examinations. This surely is a good news for students back to school after being staying at home about 4 plus months. Here are the precautions step to be taken that keep you safe and healthy always.

1. Wearing face mask

Always put your face mask to avoid the spread of germs to reduce the risk of infections. But only wear mask when you are in crowded place, advice not to wear mask when you are doing sport activities.

2. Clean Hands Frequently

Keep a habit to wash your hands with soap. Prepared some hands sanitizer or wipes when you are expose to outside like using public transports, class rooms, labs and so on. View proper hands washing guideline.

3. Practice social distancing

It is happy moment to meet friend when return school and but need to practice 1 meter social distancing to avoid the risk of infections. Avoid to join a mass gathering activities.

4. Bring lunch box

It is better to prepare own lunch box and avoid sharing food among friends.

5. Drink water frequently

Drink water to avoid dehydrations and keep your body a good immunity.

Stay safe and protected always in order to curb the spread of covid-19 pandemic. Students must practice a good behavior and play a role to protect a clean place such as dispose the mask properly, don't trash our environment.


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