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1. MamyPoko Gentle Baby Wipes Cottony Soft 80’s x2 (Fragrance/Non-Fragrance) - RM9.90 (NP: RM11.50)

2. MamyPoko Extra Dry Tape Super Jumbo M54’s / L46’s / XL40’s / XXL32’s - RM39.90 (NP:RM50.90)

3. MamyPoko Air Fit Tape NB90’s / S84’s / M64’s / L54’s / XL44’s - RM51.90 (NP: RM55.90)

4. MamyPoko Standard Pants Super Jumbo M60+6’s / L48+4’s / XL40+4’s / XXL32+4’s - RM27.90 (NP: RM30.90))

5. MamyPoko Extra Dry Pants (Unisex) Super Jumbo M48’s / L38’s / XL32’s / XXL26’s - RM39.90 (NP: RM43.90)

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