Terms & Conditions

  1. Every RM30 purchase in a single receipt entitled to one (1) sticker. (No combination of receipts are allowed). Number of sticker will be indicated on the receipt. Collect three (3) stickers to be entitled to redeem any one of Marble Coating Cookware at special price. The Store / Pacific Member can redeem Two (2)cookwares at special price.
  2. This promotion is applicable to all The Store or Pacific outlets nationwide.
    • Sticker Collection Period: 24/11/17 – 4/3/2018
    • Redemption Period: 24/11/17 – 18/3/2018
  3. The redemption of Marble Coating Cookware is on while stocks last basis.
  4. Only original stickers are accepted for redemption. Collector card(s) may be photocopied or downloaded from website at www.tstore.com.my.
  5. The Store or Pacific reserves the right not to accept any stickers which are print copied, defaced or damaged. The Store or Pacific shall not be responsible for any loss of collector card(s) or stickers.
  6. Stickers must be claimed at the same cashier counter with the original receipt and within the same day of purchase.
  7. All Marble Coating Cookware and stickers are strictly non-refundable or exchangeable for cash. In the event of any return goods accepted by The Store or Pacific; any stickers issued out initially must be returned to The Store or Pacific (where applicable).
  8. Redemption and payment for Marble Coating Cookware at Customer Service Counter only. Collector card(s) with stickers will be retained by The Store or Pacific upon redemption.
  9. The Store or Pacific reserves the right to all final decisions and to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.


  1. 每消费满RM30于单张收据,即有可获取一(1)张贴纸。(不接受累积收据)。贴纸数额将显示于收据内。收集三(3)张贴纸即可以特惠价换购其中一(1)款大理石涂层不粘锅。会员可换购2(两)款不粘锅。
  2. 此促销活动适用于全国環球超级市场及太平洋霸级市场各分行。
    • 索取贴纸有效期:2017年11月24日至2018年3月4日
    • 换购有效期:2017年11月24日至2018年3月18日
  3. 大理石涂层不粘锅 取决于实际供货情况。
  4. 仅接受正本贴纸方能换购。收集卡可复制或可从官方网站www.tstore.com.my 下载即可。
  5. 環球超市及太平洋霸市有权拒接受复制/剽窃或损坏的贴纸, 同时也不为遗失收集卡或贴纸负责。
  6. 顾客须于同一天在同一分行出示当天消费收据为证以索取贴纸。
  7. 所换购大理石涂层不粘锅及贴纸不能退还/兑换成现金。若于任何接受条件情况下取消换购,所索取贴纸须归还環球或太平洋。
  8. 请到環球超级市场及太平洋霸级市场分行的收银柜台索取收集卡和贴纸。然而, 换购大理石涂层不粘锅仅限于顾客服务柜台进行。環球和太平洋将在换购后收回收集卡。
  9. 環球及太平洋有权在无需通知下修改条规及规则。