The Store Corporation Bhd (“the Company”)’s Corporate Disclosure Policy and Procedures (“this Policy”) sets out the requirements for disclosure including the quality of disclosure to provide shareholders and investors with comprehensive, accurate and quality information on a timely basis. In formulating this Policy, the Company has taken into account the recommendations contained in the Malaysia Code on Corporate Governance 2012 and its disclosure obligations contained in the Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd.(“Bursa Malaysia”)

This Policy aims to achieve the following objectives: 

  • To develop and maintain a positive relationship with all shareholders and stakeholders through active two-way communication; and
  • To promote and demonstrate a high standard of integrity and transparency through timely, accurate, quality and full disclosures
  • The Group Managing Director/Group Finance Director will serve as the primary spokespersons for the disclosure requirement and to communicate with audience constituents and responds to questions in relation to the corporate vision, strategies, developments, future prospects, financial plans and operation matters.

    In the absence of any designated spokespersons, the authorized spokespersons may, from time to time, designate others within the Company to speak on behalf of the Company or to respond to specific inquiries. There could be blanket delegation on routine matters.

    The Company makes use of brand of communication channels to disseminate information regarding the Company, which including:

  • Electronic facilities provided by Bursa Malaysia;
  • Press releases;
  • Corporate website;
  • Email;
  • Roadshow and events; and
  • General Meetings;
  • The Company has adopted the following principles and procedures to bridge and enhance the relationship with investors or potential investors:

    5.1. Immediate disclosure of Material Information

    Any material information that is reasonably expected to have a material effect on the price value or market activity of the shares or the investors’ decision making, must be announced immediately to Bursa Malaysia and made available in the Company’s website.

    5.2. Withholding of Material information and maintaining confidentially

    Material information may be kept confidential temporarily if the immediate disclosure would prejudice the ability of the Company to pursue its corporate objectives. In such cases, the Company must ensure that the material information will be kept confidential to prevent from leakage. The Company should limit the number of people with access to or in possession of the material information and ensure that all confidential documents are being rotected and secured.

    5.3. Clarification, Confirmation or Denial of Rumours or Reports

    It is the Company’s policy not to respond or comment on market rumours and speculation, unless they appear to contain material information, or may be expected to affect the price of the Company’s securities or trading activity in those securities.

    When a report or rumour about the Company contains material errors, the Company will make immediate disclosure to Bursa Malaysia to deny or clarify the matter, and provide sufficient supporting information in accordance with the Listing Requirements. The disclosure can be in any form including that by verbally and not limited to an articles or publish the disclosure in the media.

    5.4. Company's Website

    The Company must have its corporate website where it publishes all corporate information on its developments, performance and others activities undertaken as well as all announcements made to Bursa Malaysia. The Company must ensure that its website is regularly updated with the Company’s latest disclosures.

    Bursa Malaysia also provides for the Company to electronically publish all its announcements by assessing online through Bursa Malaysia’s internet website at

    The quarterly interim financial results are prepared in the format which is in compliance with the Listing Requirements and is announced to Bursa Malaysia after approved by the Board on the same day.

    The Annual Report will be printed and distributed to shareholders at stipulated timeframe required under Listing Requirements.

    7.1. This Policy shall be reviewed by the Board as and when necessary and may be amended as the Board may deem appropriate.

    7.2. The Company shall disclose this Policy in its corporate website.

    This Corporate Disclosure Policy and Procedures was adopted by the Board of Directors on 24 January 2014.