Government has lifts restriction on some economic sectors to run at full capacity following the decrease cases of Covid-19. Hence, we need to remain steadfast and take precautions on the new wave of infections. Here are some ways of personal preventions to avoid from infections.

1. Ensure you are stay healthy

Temperatures checking to ensure you are stay healthy. If you have symptoms like coughing, fever or shortness of breath, stay quarantine and don’t expose to outside.

2. Bring mask and hand sanitizer along

When you expose to outside, always wear mask to decrease the virus infections. Keep social distancing on seating and avoid direct contact with frequently touched objects. Remember to sanitize your hand when you come out from public transport.

3. Practice wash your hands frequently

Wash your hands once you are exposing to outside. Wash hands immediately once you reach at your workplace. Always practice social distancing when you at workplace. Clean your hands once you have direct contact on these places such as lift, meeting room, pantry, telephone etc.

4. Avoid social crowding, back home straightly after work

Avoid social crowding, and non-essential gatherings to prevent virus spreading because you will be indirectly contact from the infected people.

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