Vegetables rich in mineral and fiber that consume our body vitamins that we need. But, eating vegetable must taking in a proper way to avoid wasteless and ensure that the minerals has been fully absorbed. Let’s see what are mostly done by people when eating vegetables in wrong way :-

1. X Taking long time to cook vegetables

This may cause reduction of Vitamin C if we taking long time to cook. Vegetables heating in long time may remove Vitamin C from food.

2. X Eat raw vegetables will be more healthy

Vegetables can consume to eat raw if the source is totally clean and pesticide free. But, the changes is little, vegetables need to wash clean and that only may me remove some of the pesticide. It brings harmful to our body if we eat raw vegetables.

3. X Vegetables storing in wrong way

It must being storage according the types of vegetables like leaf vegetables need to store in a storage box or wrapping in plastic paper.

4. X Overnight dish

Vegetables is better not to store till overnight and eat at the next day. It may causing food poisoning.

5. X Throw away the soup

Vegetables soup should not throw it because about 70% vitamin C has being absorbed in the soup. People mostly choose to throw away, but encourage to drink together the vegetables soup which contains vitamin inside.

While choosing nutritious foods like vegetables and fruits is a great start, but it’s only half the battle. You also have to eat them in right way to gain the maximum nutrition from them. Enjoy the taste of JUST the vegetable, come and visit The Store/Pacific for fresh vegetable now!

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