It’s school holiday again!How many hours per day you'll be responsible for keeping your kids entertained during school holiday? School holidays can be a difficult time for parents, especially working parents. It’s not easy holding down a job while trying to take care of your kids and be a good mum. We have prepared some inexpensive and interesting activities for your kids so that you can manage your time well and efficiently. All of the activities below cost you RM2.10 only!Here we show you how fun are them without spending much!

1. Themed Activities

Children today still dream of being “grown up” and doing incredible things. Let your kid pretend to be an adult with some career-related activities can help develop their creativity and confidence. You can prepare activities like doctor, teacher, police detective, chef and others. This will help them to set career goals, so that they can clearly define their “When I grow up” plans and move a childhood fantasy closer to reality.

2. Outdoor Activities

Give your kids a great camping party, badminton competition, or small swimming pool in your personal parking place. You can prepare some fun activities like sleeping or reading in a tent, board game, blowing bubbles, shooting game, playing sand toys, and playing tennis to keep them busy for hours. It’s a fun ways to let your kids burn off energy and enjoy some time outdoors!Your kids will surely have a blast.

3. Art Activities

There are a collection of art activities for kids, including crumpled paper art project, make their own stickers, doodling, homemade stamps and others. You can also buy a notebook and let your kid to decorate it with some DIY washi tape stickers or their drawing. It allows your kids to be mindful and feel free to express themselves creatively!

4. Creative Toys

Toys that fire a child’s imagination or encourage role play are just as good for creative development as a set of paints. We recommend you some creative toys for fostering creativity in kids, including Lego blocks, puzzles , crayons and paint set, clay kits and building blocks. While kids can certainly dream up stories using any toys, allows your kids to expand on their play, practice storytelling while engaging their imagination and creativity!

5. Kids Party

Invite your child’s friends to join kids mini party at your home. Set up some games or other activities, prepare some delicious, drool-worthy food and snacks to keep them happy. Not sure what snacks to serve at the party? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. See some sample below.

Now, you can manage your own time efficiently. Follow these few steps by getting the items at Super Jimat now!Everything at only RM2.10!Take action now before the school holiday!

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