Huh?!Sunsilk shampoo 320ml only RM6.55? Yes, it’s true. The Store is having our 50% discount on second item. The promotion is only valid until 28 July 2019. Believe it or not, you will be surprised at how great the price is!The discount deals will save you a ton of money. Let’s see the promotional item and prices below!

1. Sunsilk Shampoo 320ml (Assorted Variants)-1st item @ RM13.10 / 2nd @ RM6.55

2. Breeze Liquid 3.5kg-3.8kg (Assorted Variants/Exclude Antibac)-1st item @ RM26.00 / 2nd @ RM13.00

3. Tiger Biscuit 175g-180g (Original/Milk/Chocolate)-1st item @ RM2.87 / 2nd @ RM1.45

4. Mamee Express Cup 6x60gm (Assorted Flavours)-1st item @ RM8.20 / 2nd @ RM4.10

5. Enorki Mushroom 100gm -1st item @ RM1.20 / 2nd @ RM0.60

6. Shimeijie White/Brown Mushroom 150gm-1st item @ RM2.50 / 2nd @ RM1.25

7. Meet U White Coffee 12’s-15’s 25gm-40gm (Assorted Variants)-1st item @ RM13.50 / 2nd @ RM6.75

8. Pertiwi Chicken Frankfurter 350gm -1st item @ RM2.60 / 2nd @ RM1.30

9. Egypt Sugarone Seedless 500gm -1st item @ RM9.50 / 2nd @ RM4.75

10. Darlie Toothbrush Charcoal Spiral Soft B2F1-1st item @ RM15.50 / 2nd @ RM7.75

11. Kellogg’s Instant Oatmeal 800GM-1st item @ RM8.99 / 2nd @ RM4.50

In addition, you can stand a chance to win the luxury car at our Anniversary GIFTaway Contest while enjoying the deals. Heading to your nearest stores with minimum spending of RM50 in a single receipt and enter yourself to participate in the contest from now until 31 August 2019. Hurry, grab the chance to be our lucky winner!

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