There is a common problem faced by some of the people. Why is perfume not lasting for more than an hour on your body? The weather in Malaysia is hot and humid year round. This often leaving us smelly and creates embarrassing situations. Here are some hacks that'll help your fragrance last, and keep you smell great all day long. Let’s get started!

1. Spray Perfume After Shower

To make your fragrance last longer, apply it right after your bath. The moisture will lock in the scent so it’ll last a whole lot longer, plus you won’t stain any of your clothes with spray marks.

2. Moisturize First

Fragrances last longer when you’re applied to oily complexions. So if you have dry skin, apply a lotion first before spraying fragrance to help it lock in the scent.

3. Don’t Over Apply Perfume

Your perfume should attract people and not the other way around. Check the concentration of your perfume and apply the right amount of perfume to prevent overspray.

4. Do Not Smoosh Your Wrists Together

If you smoosh your wrists together, it will produce natural enzymes that change the course of the scent. To ensure fragrance lasts longer on your skin, spritz both wrists lightly to let the liquid sink in.

5. Simply Mist The Spray Onto The Comb

Don’t spray a mist directly on your hair because the alcohol content in the perfume will dry your hair out. To avoid any drying of the hair, mist the spray on a comb and run it gently through your hair.

6. Identify Your Main Heat Points

While most people go for the simple neck and wrists routine, your shoulders, inner elbows, and armpits are also very warm areas

Choose the right perfume that suits your personality and follow the tips above to enjoy your perfume for a longer time. For those who don’t have perfume and wish to have one of them, we have a good news for you. Pacific is offering RM25 discount voucher for perfume!Get your favourite fragrances with discounted prices now and boost your confidence all day long.


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