Merdeka day is around the corner, are you preparing to show your patriotic spirit to our lovely country? Here are some tips for you, now it's time to express your love.

1. Encourage Doing a Local Trip

There were many famous local places are suitable to having a vacation with your loves one, including Bukit Gambang Resort Water Park, or if you prefer to indulge the cooling breeze hills, you can pay a visit to Cameron Highlands Greenview Gardens, Avant Chocolate factory, botanic and etc. Or, if you prefer the beautiful beach view, you can visit Port Dickson, there are plenty of attraction such as Army Museum, theme park etc. Adventure every part of Malaysia looking for the most beautiful view and indulge the breathtaking places to visit. Make a local vacation not only helps to boost the country's economy, you also can introduce these interesting places to foreign friends.

2. Support Malaysia Product

Malaysia product mostly quality lesser compared to others? You are wrong, actually there are still many made in Malaysia product gain a good repetition at the international platform. Malaysia product such as Munchy's biscuits was one of the local food products , it's side products such as Lexus, Oat Krunch, Muzic were the cookies chosen by consumer. Hence, if you date with your BFF , why don't take a rest at Old Town White coffee shop and order the White Coffee to taste the most aroma of the coffee. Not only this, you also can place an order at Aik Cheong coffee, San Francisco Coffee shop where had offer a range of local food to enjoy the meal.

3. Buy made in Malaysia car

If wanna buy a transport for sure the local car is the best choice to buy. The Proton X-70 was the best car for Malaysian choice. Moreover, the Perodua car was also being chosen by Malaysian. The prices not only moderate and affordable, accessories was complete with high technology aspects.

Above were the idea shares to you in expressing your love to our country. Now, what you need to do is heading to your nearest The Store / Pacific stores make purchase and stand a chance to win an exciting prize. Adults and children also have the changed to win the prizes! Click here for more details, maybe you are one of the lucky winner.


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