Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But many of us, especially office workers think that it’s the first casualty of the morning rush and tend to skip it. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We've compiled a list of 10-minute simple and quick breakfasts paired with biscuit recipes, so that you can have a few extra minutes of sleep and give a fresh start to your day with breakfast.

1. Tuna Biscuit

Ingredients:1 can of tuna, Biscuit, Finely Chopped Cucumber, 1 Egg, Salad Dressing

Steps :

1. Boil the egg, peel and chop it into smaller pieces

2. In a bowl, combine tuna, chopped cucumber, chopped egg and salad dressing; mix them well.

3. Brush them over the biscuits.

2. Fruits/Egg+Biscuit

Ingredients:Fruit Slices/Egg Slices, Peanut Butter/Butter, Biscuit

Steps :

1. Brush the peanut butter/butter over the biscuits.

2. Place the fruit slices/egg slices onto the biscuits.

3. Milk+Biscuit

Pairing with milk when you are eating biscuits. The pairing of biscuit and milk will relieves your stomach digestion, and enable body contains of minerals.

Skipping breakfast regularly maybe enable you to have more time of sleep, but this would affected your health or metabolism in a long term. A simple breakfast with biscuit not only can boost our body system immunity, it also providing nutrient for our body. Motivate yourself to have a healthy lifestyle, start with a simple breakfast tomorrow!

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